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Press Releases > Pastor of Fountain of Gardens Ministries mocks "year of the boogeyman"
Pastor of Fountain of Gardens Ministries mocks "year of the boogeyman"
Jul 31, 2012 --

Martin Cisneros, the founding Pastor of Fountain of Gardens Ministries, in Fort Worth, Texas has said that there's nothing to the reports that the world will end in December of 2012.  He says those rumors were begun by the mentally ill and by those who hoped to financially capitalize on the idea.  Martin says from his studies of the Bible, he's become fully persuaded that the money of advertisers and network executives would be better spent on biographical materials, historical dramas, sci-fi, and further Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who materials than on morbidly perplexing and terrifying the weak-minded and those who have been indoctrinated in end of the world in our day scenarios. Martin says the Gospel of Jesus Christ hasn't completed it's work in the hearts of people in this age and God will not be mocked in His intent to complete what He's doing!


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