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To Christ's modern Rich Young Rulers: One Thing You Lack...if you want to be perfect...
Feb 2, 2013 --

Compare all 5 versions of the Great Commission in Matthew through Acts: though we have absolutely no proof the early Church ever DID, Mark 16:14 is the only place in all of the givings of the Great Commission where He was absolutely furious at them for not going forth and preaching the Hosea 2:18 Covenant.  Read that verse, going into the 15th verse, VERY VERY CAREFULLY comparing it to the other Great Commissions from Matthew through Acts and He's ANNOYED they didn't believe He was risen, but PISSED they're not preaching the Hosea 2:18 Covenant. Mark 16's great commission, where he's both annoyed and pissed is the only one of the great commissions given where there's multiple references to the Hosea 2:18 Covenant...

Matthew closes with general Biblical discipling all nations with what Lord Jesus taught (Messianic call), Luke with taking the message of repentance and embracing His Lordship to all nations (Great Awakening call), John closes with more of a Pastoral call, Acts begins with more of a general Evangelism call, Mark's Great Commission is the only one left that the Body of Christ has done next to nothing about....'til now....with the Hosea 2:18 Covenant!


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