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Vegans and Billionaires have to spiritually eat too!
by Martin Cisneros
Mar 3, 2013 --

Vegans and Billionaires have to spiritually eat too! Yes, I went there! What do Vegans and Billionaires have in common? Both are often innovators and looking to be ahead of their times, and both have changing the world in mind. Something else that Vegans and Billionaires have in common: both are among the most neglected audiences by Christianity.

We are THE Bible teaching ministry to all Vegans on the planet. As of March 1, 2013 we are THE Bible teaching ministry to absolutely all Billionaires on the planet. We are THE best for both niches that are otherwise the most neglected audiences by Bible teachers. We kiss the rears of neither!  We are THE best at what we do. We are Christ's Personal Choice to both audiences. We pursue all relevant Biblical Covenantal truth for both groups to where it Biblically leads. We expect all of the manifestations of Jesus' High Priestly Ministry to at all times make real His intents through what we are saying for both audiences. Because ministry to all billionaires on the planet is the newest level of this ministry, we will devote an extended season to focusing our Bible teaching ministry to every billionaire everywhere with our monthly ministry letters, in the Name of Jesus our Lord.

As always, it is our intention to give you levels of Biblical perception you're not consistently getting from other Christian ministries.

But He said to them, "I have food to eat of which you do not know." John 4:32

Prospering and being in health, as your soul prospers, per 3John 2, when you're at a certain level of life requires specialized help if your circumstances/commitments don't allow you to walk around with an iPod in your ears 24/7 that's got Genesis thru Revelation in it 'cause of 35 calls you're waiting on, on a slow day, meetings, and other specifics. Motivational speakers and New Age gurus abounded in record number before the last couple of international financial calamities and continue to, yet the people to blame for the last few international financial calamities did their television interviews with various motivational speakers and "wisdom teachers" that they were allegedly even best buds with. Clearly there was a breakdown and a missing piece between catchy phrases and wise [3 dimensional] principles with what we've had decades of in our world, even with the "success teachers" selling their materials in record numbers EVEN AMONG billionaires. Clearly the aspect that's been missing is teaching that when meditated upon produces a richer environment for a richer relationship with one's heavenly Father through Christ Jesus. How long will you be of two opinions?  If Baal be God, then serve him, but if Christ Jesus be God, then serve Him!  We're not presuming we're the only ones you'll weigh the words of.  Your attendance of seminars by various motivational speakers and "wisdom teachers" will no doubt continue as it's been for a while.  What we do offer is greater depth, however, and we trust that over time you'll KNOW the difference.  Draw upon our teaching resources, deeply, and let what we teach and what others teach grow together, inside of you, until harvest time and see for yourself which to hang onto and which inevitably burns away! That's all we ask of every billionaire everywhere that Christ Jesus has summoned us to. 


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