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When a prophet is mistaken rather than a false prophet
May 12, 2014 --

Someone with specialized terroristic technology, claiming to be a Christian Deprogrammer was endeavoring to take over my life and ministry, pull me out of my ministry, and trying to subject me to every type of anal torture that their tech could remotely/conceivably induce.  I know for a fact that Craig Groeschel was undergoing the same Christian Deprogramming from a Fort Worth (perhaps) location from either my uncle Raymond's house or my uncle Manuel's house because Craig acknowledged their intrusion during one of his Easter of 2014 services that I attended.  Campus Pastor Robert Wall of the LifeChurch.TV Fort Worth campus can validate what I'm saying, as can Campus Pastor Chris Graebe of the Keller, Texas LifeChurch.TV campus with regards to the attacks on the Pastor of LifeChurch.TV that are likely among the types of attacks that were being perpetrated on myself. Though without full details of what Pastor Craig was going thru, I don't know that there are strict parallels or just the attempts at bullying him into choosing a side of either pro-homosexuality or to take the ministry into a viciously anti-homosexuality direction.  Their pressures towards me, at least, seemed as though they were wanting me to take this ministry into the direction of being like Westboro Baptist Church if I wasn't going to embrace homosexuality and renounce Christ Jesus in doing so!

In my case, people proporting to be relatives (siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, twice removed relatives, thrice removed relatives) were trying to not only produce some bisexual transsexual being with constant physical and psychological torture with their INTERNATIONALLY ILLEGAL mind control technologies, but in attempting to not only invalidate my lifelong heterosexuality and Christianity by trying to destroy my life for an extended season that I was their prisoner, they were trying to data me with a whole lot of false prophetic words and false prophetic dreams that were to be released into my life via discombobulation and various other types of psychological stimuli as they were trying to insist that I assume their false mantle and embrace their self-styled bisexual transsexual Christianity (no such thing AT ALL).

Over the yrs, they'd evidently given me all kinds of dreams of my having conversations with people that Christ Jesus appeared in and then they'd have those conversations acted out in my life while I was awake with their INTERNATIONALLY ILLEGAL mind control tech.  They were Sodomizing myself and my mother via their tech around the clock for the last 34+ yrs, and they were claiming that via their false INTERNATIONALLY ILLEGAL mind control tech that they were not only going to  puppeteer my ministry on what I got to say, but that they were going to produce TONS UPON TONS OF VERY FALSE MIRACLES in confirmation of what they alone said, that had zero to do with the Bible, Christianity, or anything that I've ever genuinely been about all 39yrs of my life!

Apart from very documentable Words from the Lord of a Biblical nature (from the Bible alone, Sola Scriptura) that I've ministered over the yrs to people and to internet contexts, I'd encourage everyone to discount, ignore, and destroy any traces of alleged prophecies or miracles that have happened in their lives thru this ministry that have come about via very easily documentable sources that I've given a brief description of above, or where the fruit was too dramatic (therefore more likely) then to continue to give all of the glory to God and to Christ Jesus.  Many enemies are lurking about trying to discredit genuine ministries that have a genuine expectation of the touch of the supernatural on their lives and on those that they minister the Word of God's grace to. 

Where even human devils CAN'T stop you, they'll TRY TO get behind you and PUSH into parodies of yourself, of Christ, and bring as much harm as they can with trying to side-step principles of Biblical integrity, the Biblical laws that govern gradual spiritual growth in God's Word and your worship time with Him, etc.  Our expectations are of a more Biblical nature, involving much larger contexts that are clearly defined in Scripture in terms of the provisions that are happening in the behalf of the Hosea 2:18 Covenant and other areas of God's Word that God is bringing to pass in our lives in the 21st Century and beyond.

This doesn't in any way change even 1 jot or tittle of the Biblical doctrines of this ministry, nor of it's holiness standards, nor of anything of it's mission, purpose, expectations of God, expectations of ourselves, nor does it invalidate the changed lives that have genuinely occurred thru this ministry and things that fit very Biblical patterns of miracles in much larger contexts than the immediate confines of anything that any human agency with any degree of tech savvy and showmanship might have TRIED TO introduce thru Fountain of Gardens Ministries COMPLETELY UNBEKNOWNST TO ANYONE GENUINELY ASSOCIATED WITH THIS MINISTRY EITHER IN THE PAST OR IN THE FUTURE!


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