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Thine, O LORD is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty: for all that is in the heaven and in the earth is thine; thine is the kingdom, O LORD, and thou art exalted as head above all. Both riches and honour come of thee, and thou reignest over all; and in thine hand is power and might; and in thine hand it is to make great, and to give strength unto all. (1Chronicles 29:11-12 KJV)

Doesn't matter who writes the history books: give them something to write about;-)

Are you the stuff of legend or just another yawn vaguely remembered by future generations who took up space on birth & death certificates?

If it doesn't scare the bejesus out of you -- nothing worth telling the grandkids & great grandkids, eh?

Absolutely everyone has their David & Goliath moment where u'll either run after Goliath or history will bury any evidence you ever existed.

Destiny is quite the slippery slope, but not to dozens of stitches, but to immeasurable glory.

When u love someone, it means do whatever u've got 2 do 2b w/them - sometimes whatever does mean "whatever" - yet people expect less of God?

Judgment Day is when people REALIZE God's loved each of these animals more than they've ever loved that one animal that comes to mind.

Arguments on reasoningskills & history don't answer the questions "Can these animals suffer pain? Does my lifestyle contribute 2 suffering?"

Intimacy = in to me see

Never presume poverty is acceptable to God.

Never presume sanctification in Christ doesn't INCLUDE sanctification from poverty.

God has no rewards for after this life is over. God has a home to take in those made homeless from their bodies, but that's not reward based

God's rewards must always [eventually] translate into tangible manifestations or they were never spiritually there.

Growth means today's heresy is tomorrow's breakfast, lunch, & dinner more times than not.

Marriage is heresy to self.

If I married myself, one of us was totally unnecessary.

Strife in marriage means she's right and he doesn't know it yet;-)

Husbands, say NOTHING behind her back even if she's as wrong as a $3 bill.

If I'm still who I was YESTERDAY, then my life is the movie "GroundHog Day."

Husbands, when ur wife reads her Bible, there should b ZERO DIFFERENCE between what Lord Jesus sounds like & what u sound like. see: Eph. 5

Preachers, OPEN YOUR EYES on Eph 5 & reread your New Testament: every reference to Christ, read "husband"; every reference to Church, "wife"

Husbands, foreplay is 24/7 & 10% or less should involve touch. She should STILL melt over WHO you are, otherwise time to fast/pray/change.

Hope begins where the will of God is known, while faith begins with diligently seeking Him.

Still learning the difference on what I can testify to with blessings even in the presence of a Goliath, & what God regards as "CLASSIFIED."

Big difference between a harvest time & the stinging words of a Peter 2 a Simon about their money perishing w/'em 4 thinkin 2 buy God's gift

Having 2 come 2 terms w/the fact that my life will never b normal again & previous retreats from more interesting moments R gone 4ever...

When God said 2010 was to be the year of the tithe, I had no idea He meant He wanted the tithe on my sanity;-)

Coming to terms w/the fact that my own personal "Big Bang" did happen 2.5yrs ago & things R never going 2b boring again, but I'm onboard;-)

More in love than I've ever been in my life;-)

People that'll listen 2 anything have trash cans 4 ears. If the music disrespects others & wallows n filth, will u really have selfcontrol??

Have 2 much passion, spontaneity, hormones, libido; lack 2 much dread & sense 2 allow myself 2 entertain entertainment that'll detonate me.

Life is about CONTROLLED loss of self control;-)

If you can't lose all self control when the time is genuinely appropriate and right, then you're NOT in control;-)

People who lack passion aren't n control & will NEVER b n control, of either themselves, their world, their health, their money, or destiny.

"Can't" means "won't" & is never about ability.

You're only as sane and intelligent as the craziest you can become;-)

Prosperity in ANYTHING means at some point you were willing to die for it.

If the whole world is ABSOLUTELY full of hypocrites then destroy every mirror in the house 'cause what you don't see, won't bother you;-)

Your ONLY DECISION is whether or not THEY'RE worth it -- you're GENUINELY strong enough for the rest;-)

If you're not crazier than the person you're in love with, it'll never be interesting;-)

There's a way of being "right" that alienates, & a way to play out the drama, then when they KNOW u KNEW all along, they'll feel safe with u

Marriage begins when the good confession of Peter about Jesus is repeated in the home, per Ephesians 5, but most men never give it reason to

Not very popular these days, but man is always head of woman WHEN like man's Head, they're washing their feet. Headship = who washes more;-)

Men, if she's ever going to leave you, make her be like Pilate for the rest of her life [washing her hands] 'cause she finds no fault in you

Some men think they're God, some men bring closer to God - she should pick the latter 'cause latter = former, but former not always = latter

It's never the other person that's irritating you. They're revealing a preexistent condition for you to work on. Prob w/others = prob w/self

If someone else can steal your peace, again, your peace was shallow; an illusion. True peace is there still when the idiot just left.

Peace isn't nonexistence of storms, but reconciliation w/the answers & the atonement that's been made with which to grow in understanding.

Of course, absolutely everyone is mature, wise, & productive when there are no village idiots present! Villiage idiots are only a mirror.

Men, when she can perceive your tenderness & gentleness still present in the midst of absolute chaos, she knows she just found her pillow.

#iDontHitWomenBecause 98% of the time, it would be a yielding to biochemical processes in my own body that would keep me from living 180yrs.

#iDontHitWomenBecause I only want to be a channel of redemptive energy. I need my heavenly Father to trust me with all His power in my life.

#iDontHitWomenBecause of butterfly effect: every guy who does it here ensures women being hit on other side of the world on a quantum level.

#iDontHitWomenBecause 98% of situations where I might would suddenly turn me into the smallest person I know or have ever known.


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