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Thine, O LORD is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty: for all that is in the heaven and in the earth is thine; thine is the kingdom, O LORD, and thou art exalted as head above all. Both riches and honour come of thee, and thou reignest over all; and in thine hand is power and might; and in thine hand it is to make great, and to give strength unto all. (1Chronicles 29:11-12 KJV)

The right woman will make a guy's life Hell so that when there is no ABSOLUTELY HATEFUL reaction, she knows she's giving herself to safety.

If you sound like you did last year, guess what kind of year you're going to have.

Last year's giving, thoughts, fast, work, & studies will give u last year's results.If last year didn't do it 4u, plan on MUCH MORE this yr.

Seriously, if last year didn't do it for you, just figure that this year's automatically twice the effort since you know even all of that...

If what you're doing RIGHT NOW is how you'd employ billions of people tomorrow, have you worked on YOU enough yet?

Ignore the money issue. Are you really ready? When what you're doing is ready, the money will come running like the prodigal son;-)

If all of the world were your oyster tomorrow, are the pearls your entrance into New Jerusalem or the revelation that you're a deviled ham?

A lot of people don't like the quip about "no points for second place," but what are you first place in? Your answer tells me YOUR future.

It's not that impatient people rule the world, but the million deaths impatient people have died to get there and what their priorities are.

EVERYONE has millions of years of patience for their top 5 priorities. Major impatience reveals what wasn't a priority or self-priority won.

Prioritize God, the love of your life, & destiny, in that order, because entertainment & other distractions really don't matter.

You are who you tolerate yourself to be.

You ARE your most dominant words.

If someone genuinely loves & adores u, are u their God 2 tell them not to? God's obviously just making things "right" after all of the Hell.

In addition to the Cross, God's reconciling Himself with us in the people that love us.

When God brings u someone WISE that loves u SUPERnaturally, means He's heard u all of these years, & if they're wise, must be wise to do so.

Preachers, life coaches, relationship counselors, pay attention if you "get" nothing else from me: Unforgiveness is THE issue.

Unforgiveness is the number one lust, appetite, loss of control, poison, suicide, root to planting and developing fear in one's heart, etc.

Unforgiveness doesn't = being a bad person, calculated rebellion towards God, or the other person's fault.It must pass like a bowel movement

90% of our unforgiveness issues we wouldn't call it that - that's how dangerous this is when it sneaks in2 our Garden; the most subtle snake

There's the idea that sincerity is automatic guard against unforgiveness, when anyone can slip in2 it, if spiritual hygiene isn't maintained

Many people don't think they're in unforgiveness because they're not snarling & haven't crossed some lines where they THINK it begins.

You're as whole as the depth to which you've gone to make sure that all is genuinely forgiven.

Forgiveness isn't validating evil committed, but a personal bath from all of the garbage.

For those who have developed nonaccusatory communication skills, unforgiveness is where communication skills face their Kryptonite.

Starting to realize that prosperity & healing is successful communication, since life goes in the direction of one's most dominant words.

FORGIVENESS is violent spiritual warfare -- very violent. Spend 20 minutes forgiving today;-)

If you can forgive it, you have overcome all things;-)

Forgiveness means I REFUSE to LIVE IN IT.

Forgiveness means I can do anything.

Forgiveness means THEIR DEMONS won't have me!!

Forgiveness means I'm no longer bound.

Forgiveness means my life is starting over.

Forgiveness means I'm no longer afraid of them.

Pray over your food days BEFORE you get it, days BEFORE you need God's leading to the restaurant or grocery store. Over your food, forgive.

Double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, sextuple, septuple, octuple recheck each of your pet peeves for unforgiveness hiding behind that bush.

Pet peeves OFTEN mean, if you think them through, that someone comes to mind to forgive. Again, forgiveness ISN'T about validation of evil.

Same issues of "Law vs Grace" surround marriage that surround the salvation of souls; the TECHNICALLY "right" verses grace, faith, spirit.

Same issues of "Law vs Grace" surround marriage that surround the salvation of souls: Fathers lay down Law, Sons get on a Cross to save her.

A real husband or a real potential husband isn't just one more abandonment issue for a woman that's growing with every word.

A real or a potential husband - even if he's technically right about something she'll see her Saviour's eyes saying "neither do I condemn u"

Husbands, if she sees you completely die for her, she'll seldom challenge your authority when a need arises for you to be pushy on something

Diets, health, honor, integrity, intimacy, marriages, riches, safety, & trust fail when u're trying 2entertain & balance multiple paradigms.

A true husband is a balance between a Father and Son: Lawgiver and bleeding self sacrificial Saviour.

Husbands or potential husbands, if you're not her Passover Lamb, will she ever leave her own personal Egypt?

Husbands or potential husbands, first you're the blood on her doorpost, then later you're the parting of her Red Sea & drowning of Pharoah.

Husbands/potential husbands: carry her as carefully as priests would carry the Ark in Old Testament Israel & your honeymoon will never end.

Shake 'em all up this year & every single passage of the New Testament where it would normally say "peace" read it to others as "prosperity"

Usually, poor people do what others want. Rich people show you who they genuinely and truly are -- just because they CAN.

If I give you a few billion dollars, or even a few million, all I've gotta do is stand back and you'll tell me exactly who you are with that

#iDontHitWomenBecause I can't be who it would take my becoming to be someone that would do that.

#iDontHitWomenBecause none of my heroes from real life or from fiction are known for that & I choose to embody all they've ever embodied.

#iDontHitWomenBecause that's not how I want to be known or remembered. Would violate everything I've worked so hard for 22yrs to be & become

#iDontHitWomenBecause we're stewards of genes we may potentially pass down & we don't want to create any violent ones that harm the future.


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