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Thine, O LORD is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty: for all that is in the heaven and in the earth is thine; thine is the kingdom, O LORD, and thou art exalted as head above all. Both riches and honour come of thee, and thou reignest over all; and in thine hand is power and might; and in thine hand it is to make great, and to give strength unto all. (1Chronicles 29:11-12 KJV)

If you genuinely had no limits, FINANCIALLY, would you be the next Mother Teresa or Tiger Woods with even more women coming and going?

I genuinely don't know who you are 'til you've got money 'cause when you could be anywhere in the world, is it Church or a yacht w/"escorts"

Everyone's a mystery 'til their limits, even financially, are lifting from their lives, that's when you discover character or "a character"

Every moment of life spent is learning how to forgive. That's life's big lesson & 99% of people have unforgiveness 2identify & get rid of;-)

All of us have more thoughts 2express forgiveness about & towards than ANY OF US realize. Verbally 4give it every single time u remember it.

Forgiveness is easy because you're essentially verbally dismissing your thoughts & commiting yourself to relate to this or that at YOUR best

Every pastor, evangelist, missionary, & ministry leader OWES each new convert a very lengthy, thorough personal dialogue about forgiveness.

People only backslide from faith over a lack of nurturing and forgiveness issues.

Ever notice that the nurturing people ARE THE VERY LAST PEOPLE that ANYONE kicks out of their life??

Fear of disappointing others is a self forgiveness issue bcause on what bases would u fear disappointing others, other than not forgiving u?

Fear of disappointing others is a perverted shield of faith that's trying to insulate you from them.

Only a person w/a forgiveness issue when asked about their forgiveness-life would say that's not their prob rather than 2simply do it again.

A proper response to a message on forgiveness is to simply reaffirm one's doing of it before pushing past to next issue, "just in case..."

What's happened since the last time you forgave? Yes, you have to forgive that too!!

If I can teach you how to forgive, consistently and effortlessly, spiritual growth and overcoming all things is genuinely the 100% easy part

Not about me, but a thought comes 2mind: If I'd learned how to forgive the day before yesterday, yesterday would have been so much easier;-)

Even forgiveness fails through double mindedness.

There are no great people in the world, only great forgivers

Forgiveness is how you regain the innocence. We must learn to become passionate forgivers.

He arose from death on His schedule rather than some eschatological, everybody's getting up anyway, bcause He's first 2have forgiven THAT;-)

REAL Money in the hands of an absolute fool is a suicide pill.

If u were entering the season where ur income would be byond level of a gov, would that knowledge b ur Road 2Damascus REPENTANCE experience?

If you KNEW income was about to be infinite, are you a foolish virgin opening up 5+ bank accounts or a wise virgin repenting of 5+ things?

If u KNEW tomorrow u owned EVERYTHING would tonight be an ALL NIGHT PRAYER MEETING 4wisdom 2not be a self & loved one destructive fool?

Restudying prophecy: deeply uncomfortable feeling Postmill & dsPremill may both b equally true, Biblically. Perfect verses permissive again.

Looking at Jonah: if Postmillenialism & dsPremillenialism were both equally Biblically true: Bible's message is "make Me come back & I will"

Apparently, 2b a Dispensational Premillenialist, when there theoretically were none, even Elhanan Winchester couldn't b Biblically thorough!

I'm deeply shocked that Elhanan Winchester wasn't more diligent to the Scriptures on prophetic matters when his Dialogues are so seminal.

Difference between Winchester's Dialogues on Universal Restoration & his "Lectures" is 1was a revelation, the other limitations of intellect

Even when a preacher of the caliber of Elhanan Winchester is sloppy, even that's deeply instructive: his reverence for Scripture is EDIFYING

Every translation of Bible requires 15 read throughs: 5 to be intrigued & edified, 5 to critique, & 5 to memorize what you're keeping 4ever.

If she understands the throne you're roaring from as head of the house is a loveseat for 2, she'll roar with u rather than roaring back @ u.

He gave a 7fold gift when He ascended in Ephesians chpts 4 - 6 including marriage & kids.

Men, have u ever realized the power of the tongue God's given u, that u can LITERALLY adore her 2where she'll BECOME without spot & blemish?

Men, James chpt 3: ur wives are EVERYTHING u've ever called them; that's what u're experiencing, so call her only what Christ in u CREATES

Men, if Eph 5 says u're Christ 2her, has it registered yet that she's judged 4everything u say & do from Father or neglect to?! Time 2b Him.

Not too late 2pick two to four books of the Bible you're reading ALOUD a thousand times this year - & I'm not talking about what I'm doing;)

If u KNEW this world would b n 15yrs where ur imagination's always sorta imagined it n 1000yrs, what would b a couple of ur priorities, 1st?

In citing 3 supernatural marriages n answer 2a question about marriage n the resurrection, then joinings together God created endure FOREVER

The only point Lord Jesus could have had about God being the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob was to highlight their supernatural marriages.

Though perhaps resurrected 2000yrs ago, per Matthew, do ANY OF US genuinely ever imagine or speak of Adam without his wife [very often]?

If Matthew's Gospel says that when Lord Jesus was raised from the dead, others came out of their graves, why would Adam & Eve still be dead?

In John's Gospel, when He was lifted up, He would drag all men 2Himself - easy way 2do that is 2drag Adam & Eve 2Himself, others will follow

Adam& Eve would have 2b raised already otherwise how is marriage a gift He regave when He ascended n Ephesians chpts 4 - 6 so WE'D fill all?

The processes of the Written Word of God must govern our lives - not "Eternity." The Universe is made of processes, not things.

Anointings, spirits, souls, bodies, finances, ministries, & social lives are made of processes, not things.

Marriages are made of processes, not things.

Character is made of processes, not history, and not reputation.

People foolishly try 2build a history, reputation, or legacy, when if they'd develop their process of hatching God's Word, the rest HAPPENS

Real prosperity is CONSISTENTLY carrying out SEVERAL different PROCESSES outlined in Bible rather than EITHER a divine promise or hard work.

#iDontHitWomenBecause I would never want to pass down a gene to succeeding generations that would EVER hit a woman.

#iDontHitWomenBecause every guy who won't is a seed for a better world.

#iDontHitWomenBecause I know how painful it's always been to me when women have hit me & I don't want to make anyone else feel that way EVER

#iDontHitWomenBecause for me, it's as much an example issue for other men as a cultivation issue of my relationship with a woman.


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