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Thine, O LORD is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty: for all that is in the heaven and in the earth is thine; thine is the kingdom, O LORD, and thou art exalted as head above all. Both riches and honour come of thee, and thou reignest over all; and in thine hand is power and might; and in thine hand it is to make great, and to give strength unto all. (1Chronicles 29:11-12 KJV)

Greatest gift is when God's given some1 ELSE the impression that He's given them privelege of access 2U instead of U 2them  Consider Joseph in Genesis as an example, when they were all bowing, which made for his day of tears rather than of strutting.

Very often God's chosen method of humbling someone is by humbling someone else to them from the depths of their heart instead of by force

When God wants2polishHis best instead of adversity, they'll experience as His chosen method, some1else comin along appreciating their beauty

Book of Revelation PROVES adversity hardens instead of humbling, Its Gods proof text N history against pagan myths about adversity cleansing

Jabez didn't get everything he wanted because he was perfect God gave him everything he wanted in order to perfect him Love perfects/humbles

Jeremiah 33:9 says you'll fear and tremble at the Goodness and Prosperity He brings. Hosea 3:5 says the exact same thing, in a different context. Infinite goodness grinds the heart to powder and breaks all that falls upon it.

How'd Jesus N the traditional reading of His borrowing of Peter's boat make Peter loathe his own former wickedness? Adversity or Lotto?

Enduring suffering w/a cheesy grin is about an example to others, but only goodness and God's abundance sends the heart reeling & changing

1500yrs of Opposition weren't enough to perfect the heart, so Jesus closed that age in His Cross & started pouring the honey, milk, and wine

Wellfare lines insane asylums & graveyards R the recipients of those whove known bitter opposition Opposition never perfected a relationship

Did hard times do anything about the person the Good Samaritan found? We still don't know the guy's name, though Jesus sent them 2go get him

No evidence that they ever did with their Buddhist doctrine of sufferings, and probably thought Jesus the heretic for saying otherwise.

Romans 12:20 says what's burning coals on some1's head, which is another Universalist proof text for Hell collapsing into heaven ultimately

Nothing says that Abraham DIDN'T get the guy some water that was burning in a mid-summer's afternoon in the so-called bad place

Abraham merely said that it wasn't up to him to send someone back from the dead, in Jesus' parable.

What turns up the heat more than when U're RIGHT WHERE YOU BELONG for someone 2get U that glass of water, some sunscreen, aloe for the burns?

Abraham was probably also washing the guy's feet, in imitation of his own Master.

Live in the past, die in the past. Too many people live in constant idolatry to their past.  They sacrifice to it, make new people in their lives endure their wrath to their past 'cause they never accept new people as new people

They don't consider their past an Ecclesiastes 3 tax write off & enjoy their next quarter pleasure earnings'cause the past is more important

Daily miracles in the wilderness weren't powerful enough to make a generation of Israel let go of the past, so they died in the wilderness!

The past has more loyal followers, [that are ready to give up absolutely everything for it,] than God does.

Too many people are lovers of the past instead of lovers of God.

Because of veneration of the past millions of people R guilty of same sin as Herod, killing every firstborn new thing seeking to destroy Him

When God has to send the Christ-child to Egypt to get it away from you, either the past has gotta go, or you've gotta go, Mr or Mrs Herod.

Aside from anything morally reprehensible, usually things we're afraid of doing, inevitably, were where our greatest happiness was all along

What areas of probable unspeakable happiness are you costing yourself today, in favor of your comfort zone?... Hope it's THAT comfortable!!

What UR surroundedw/ should not dictate how far U'll go over next several decades, how many lives U'll touch, & how many problems U'll solve

The point of being a Visionary isn't the money, greed, or gaudiness, but 2stop limiting urself 2what U C around U.

Millions & billions of dollars are an ABSOLUTE INSULT to a person of vision. Your IMAGINATION should minimally be transacting quadrillions

Again, the point isn't the money, but what it represents to your imagination of what you'll do, how far you'll strip off the selfishness etc

Millions & billions of dollars R only a sufficient goal 4someone whose imagination is a pauper & whose mind goes no further than what they C

Each person's responsibility from Genesis to Revelation is to take the Eden within themselves and to spread it throughout the entire world

W/that as the goal, is the money EVER enough? Again, money's not the goal, but merely the alternative fuel UR imagination burns 2get there

Your imagination should never develop resources beyond the honour, compassion, & hero complex your imagination is developing!

The economy N UR daily private imaginings must B larger than the world's UR seeing onthe news if U'll someday fix UR largest grievances

You must remember that even Jericho didn't fall in one day, in the book of Joshua.

Personal growth into being larger than what you were created to fix may take a tearful amount of time, perhaps 20yrs.

Maddening part is that as U grow UR priorities may change along the way along w/UR focus only 2come back 2what launched URjourney in 11th hr

No doubts some quasi-spiritual people will mistake what Ive said as ambition instead of love, but love isn't complete until it's imaginative

How many couples have broken up not 4lack of LUV but because their love was no longer imaginative? Proof of healthy love is it's imaginative

How is love any different when it's God-centered, all of humanity-centered, all animals-centered, all of Creation-centered, et. al.??

LUV, when it's real LUV, not only meets every need, as 1John & St. Paul insist, but it never ceases to amaze at it's zeal & imaginativeness

Wisdom never rises above the level of one's imagination.

Wisdom receives wages: operates in proportion to one's imagination.

Wisdom evangelizes, converts, & courts one's imagination; flees hypocrisy as if on the Mayflower!

Wisdom makes the most of every dimension of one's imagination, whether it's liberated or enslaved by it!

Wisdom is a roommate that doesn't transgress the borders of one's imagination!

Wisdom attracts/repels according to every dimension of one's imagination.

Wisdom measures the hologram of one's imagination and builds accordingly!

A faithful imagination jealously guards one's Wisdom while She does Her work!

#iDontHitWomenBecause for me, it's a seed sown that if I exercise the restraint, nobody else will ever hit 'em EITHER

#iDontHitWomenBecause for me, its a seed sown in the behalf of women that will be a part of my life they'll always run to me instead of from

#iDontHitWomenBecause version of feminism I believe N as a guy is N its purest form of only related to matters that improve quality of life!

#iDontHitWomenBecause we live in a world where they've been hit enough prior to my knowing anything about 'em, literally or figuratively!


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