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Thine, O LORD is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty: for all that is in the heaven and in the earth is thine; thine is the kingdom, O LORD, and thou art exalted as head above all. Both riches and honour come of thee, and thou reignest over all; and in thine hand is power and might; and in thine hand it is to make great, and to give strength unto all. (1Chronicles 29:11-12 KJV)

Prophecy [i.e. God's promises] ISN'T the vehicle for the manifestation. It's the vehicle for releasing you into the process of inheriting.

A good Bible teacher teaches chain reactions.

Prophecy isn't the vehicle for the manifestation. It's the release into the chain reaction AS YOU WAR A GOOD WARFARE for what God promised!!

If it's His will in heaven, then that's the profile 4what your life on earth should look like when you've incubated God's Word in ur heart

Successful Christian living reproduces heaven on earth in one's own life; the realities of the blessings/plan with all spiritual blessings.

"in the world to come" when the Bible says eonian life, it's not talking about the future in either case, it's talking about the impending

The impending world is the world beyond the 5 physical senses that isn't veiled by time, but by perception, humility, authority, & yielding.

Successful Christian living has the same results for the same process on earth, as though one were walking out the same process in heaven.

U don't need books outside of the Bible 4supplemental reading - SIMPLY read 9 billion times the parts of the Bible EVERYBODY ELSE neglects!!

Philemon is a New Testament "Joseph" story. It's an Emmancipation Proclamation & an Ordination Letter, & it MUST come before Song of Solomon

Emmancipation comes before Coronation. Therefore, first Philemon, then Song of Solomon, then Zechariah for Melchezedec lifestyle.

Once you've hit a consistent Melchezedec lifestyle, then Ephesians to bring others into revelation of image of God as male & female.

Then from teaching Ephesians, you bring others into their own book of Philemon Jubilee proclamation, ordination, then progress to coronation

So Philemon to Song of Solomon to Zechariah to Ephesians to Philemon to Song of Solomon to Zechariah to Ephesians becomes the ministry cycle

Your mouth is connected to Holy Spirit, so keep CONFESSING those Scriptures you don't understand YET & He'll explain 'em to you THOROUGHLY!!

99% of the time, if u think u know all there is 2know about something, the BIGGEST discov of ur life isBARELY out of reach if u stop lookin

U're NEVER more at any one time than u KNOW - so get back in ur Bible because the richer the heart, the richer the life INEVITABLY BECOMES

Poverty is based on the very last thing you disobeyed from God.

If you can't teach it, you don't KNOW it yet.

If you can't reproduce it, you've not become it YET.

Humility to God requires BOTH rebellion to coveteousness and rebellion to poverty.

Friendship with poverty is enmity to God.

Holiness is RICH, but not coveteous.

If Bible time isn't wealth & riches time, then somewhere u're a captive to the traditions that have made commandments of God of none effect


A lifestyle of miracles CAN BE buried in the wilderness.

Seems like a contradiction, but warfare is associated with the Promised Land, but hand to mouth living WITH miracles is wilderness mentality

Not much of a student of Job because of all of the NONSENSE PREACHED from it: folks quoted as His oracle in the book that God REBUKED later

1st chapter of Job, God says not to touch Job's life, but devil does it anyway, so God restores even for an unbelieving/disagreeable wife

What leaped off page at me just thumbing through my Bible sometime back was 140yrs of life AFTER ALL OF THE NONSENSE PASSED;-)

Trying 2find balance between "when man's ways please Lord, He makes even his enemies b@ peace w/him" together w/"godly suffer persecution"

Obviously, it's saying life long persecution is NEVER His will, so stay faithful and your gift will make room for you -- even with fools.

There's gotta be something with the translation, a Hebraism that's not fully explained or whatever. Think rationally for ONE SECOND: if God ever genuinely wanted to hide, I think that's a game of hide and seek that He'd ALWAYS win!

If a Christian's righteousness is filthy rags, hang it up 'cause the Cross didn't even do it!

Some1 freaked 'cause a RELIGIOUS song was being sung about there being none like Him 2which I replied: that's BLASPHEMY against His Blood  So, I plead with them regarding the sufficiency of the Blood of Christ to turn that BLASPHEMOUS ABOMINATION of a song COMPLETELY OFF on TV.

Offense is rooted in fear, pride, & sin consciousness which bottomline in not having a raised with Him, [Rom 6,] consciousness.

Create two piles 4fear - good judgment pile & irrational fears; good judgment, jumping off empire state building; irrational, destiny thief. Then rebell against every irrational fear that would try to steal your destiny, your health, your wholeness, & what's rightfully yours only.

If u're more scared of not having what u were meant 2have than of ur own inadequacies, u'll ALWAYS find a way 2have what u were meant 2have!

Submission 2God is total rebellion 2destiny stealing fears. If God's specified something's urs n Scripture or time w/Him, don't Uever fold!!

Not trying to get into pagan philosophies, but seriously: if God's said something's yours, then you'll find Him IN what He's said IS yours.

Faith is a synonym of duty. Duty is our responsibility, results are God's responsibility.

Try 2become responsible 4the wrong thing & u'll eventually hang yourself like Judas did. Again duty IS ours, results R God's responsibility.

Martyrdom is easy. Being a living sacrifice is hard.

The secret to SUCCESS is to emphasize what God's emphasizing WHEN He's emphasizing it FOR AS LONG AS He's emphasizing it, SEASON BY SEASON.

Diligent indepth meditation N the Scriptures frequently leads 1 to be prophetic @ least some of the time, but never with control over what

When God wants 2change someone's life FOREVER, there will be an instruction where eternity becomes specific intent of "do this" = EVERYTHING

Galatians 3:8: Not talking about Galatians 1 tabboos on other religions, but that "one thing that's needful" which will not be taken away. Galatians 3:8: Has God preached His Gospel to you for your particular life? Galatians 3:8: Has God shown u what "YOUR Isaac" is yet? Has He dangled that 1 thing in front of you, yet, that's His promise of EVERYTHING? Galatians 3:8: Top priority for ur life is what God makes top priority for ur life & absolutely nothing else, even if all call you obsessed! Here's the kicker: if God ever personally preaches to you (Gal. 3:8) then EVERYTHING ELSE IS GENUINELY NEGOTIABLE but that 1 thing He gave!!

Even if your life WERE AS FILLED WITH MISTAKES AS ABRAHAM'S, do you specifically know what that ONE THING is that He's promised your life??! Galatians 3:8: Do you know yet THAT ONE REASON He called YOU out of Ur of the Chaldees? Can you see that ONE THING on YOUR horizon yet? Galatians 3:8:Absolutely everything is negotiable but that one thing or that one relationship He's promised you - absolutely everything else Psalm 112's wealth & riches that shall be in your house are that one specific Galatians 3:8 or Road to Damascus promise INHERITED. Galatians 3:8: What's the Gospel that God's SPECIFICALLY preached 2U? That's all that matters, besides the general Gospel of Christ 2all!

Galatians 3:8: That ONE THING God's preached to you for your life is your Romans 4:14-22 strength to have EVERYTHING to retire on. The general Gospel 2all w/out that Galatians 3:8 PRIVATE Gospel 4one's life EASILY BECOMES the very law u're warned against in Rom 4:14-22!! His personal Galatians 3:8 promise could lead u 2bondage in Egypt, but the general Promise w/out the private one will kill you in wilderness Those with His personal [Galatians 3:8] promise will ALWAYS come out of any slavery in Egypt they pass through.

If Paul said that all things are ours, then King David's Old Testament statements about only returning to God what's His ISN'T New Covenant.

#iDontHitWomenBecause hypothetical scenarios people conjure up of selfdefense matters w/my own version of a female Moriarty isnt normal life

#iDontHitWomenBecause Despise my less than perfect upbringing, it was engrained into me that that's not what a man does.

#iDontHitWomenBecause doesn't quite work w/my hero complex.

#iDontHitWomenBecause God didn't send me to hit 'em but to lift 'em up!


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